Moving WordPress from one folder to another

One of the most frequent questions I get is how to move WordPress from one folder to another. In theory it’s a rather simple issue, but it tends to trip up a lot of people. The reason it can cause problems is how WordPress installs. WordPress, you see, installs to the URL. Let’s take this blog for example. The URL is There are lines in the database that even point to that particular URL. If I were to move the files to a new folder and access it from that new folder, the CSS would look funky and you wouldn’t see it correctly. (The same thing happens if you use the temp URL to view the page.)
Moving from one folder to another, then, requires a few more steps than just simply moving the files. Moving WordPress is not too difficult. Here are the steps:

In the file manager, navigate to the folder with the WordPress files and highlight everything that starts with a wp- and the index.php file.

Then click COPY. It is important that you do not click move in this method. next, enter the destination folder. In this case, I am using test.

Now that you have that done, log back into your WordPress dashboard like normal (it still works at the old URL because you only copied the files). In the Dashboard, go down to Settings and click on general. Where it says WordPress Address and Site Address, change the rows to the new location. In my case, it would be what is in the screen shot below:

Once that is done, you will need to reset the permalinks. Some people have images hard coded into the site. You need to change the paths to get them to load again. A great tool to use for that is the Change WP URL plugin. That’s it, WordPress has been moved. To avoid a surplus of files, go back to the file manager and delete the WordPress files from the old folder.

There is a second way to do this without moving all of your files. It does, however, require you to edit some of the code in the index.php file. This site will walk you through it.