How to move your files after renaming your account


***IMPORTANT NOTE: This will not work with wordpress sites. You need to follow the steps located here.***

As a tech at bluehost, one of the most common issues I see is with people who rename their accounts. For some reason this is very confusing to many people. Even explaining it can be a bit of a headache. “The domain being switched to primary will now use the /public_html directory itself–just like the current main domain. This means you may need to move your website files to match. This can be done before or after the rename.” This is a disclaimer I give to every customer before a rename, but it is the one I get the most questions about.
So let me try and explain for you what it actually means and give a guide for how to do the swap. We will start in the domain manager to see how the directory structure works.

This is my domain manager. You see that I have two domains. By highlighting the domains, you can see the folders they use to the right.

As you can see, the primary domain does not show a folder because it is the public_html folder.

The addon domain does have a directory listed. In this case, public_html/lelle.
When you rename an account, the domains will switch places. If I were to rename my account, would now be public_html and would be public_html/shawnlelle.
Now comes the tricky part–moving the files. This is most easily done in the file manager.

This is the file manager, my public_html directory. (Don’t hate me for the frontpage extensions…my dad shares my account.) The first thing you’ll want to do is select all of the files and folders for the main domain. ***DO NOT SELECT THE FOLDERS FOR YOUR ADDON DOMAINS OR SUBDOMAINS***

Once highlighted, click on the move button at the top of the screen and enter the name of the folder for the old primary after public_html, as shown, and click go.
Once that’s done, go into the folder for the new primary and select all of those files.

Then click move again. This time, make sure the destination is just /public_html then click “Move File(s)”.

That’s it! You are done moving everything. Both sites should now work.


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